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I bought a 40" Sony Bravia TV at the brick store in Richmond BC and love it.

After one month i had a dead pixel in the screen and called the brick to have it replaced.

I was brushed off to a third party repair company that handles The Bricks repairs.

I was told to call Trans Globe Service where i was told in the rudest way possible that a tech could come to my house to repair the problem but only on a tuesday or thursday.

Thus I lost money, a day from work and much to my dissapointment the tech never showed he simply called.

After being told over the phone he didnt need to make a house call to fix the problem he would have to call me back that day to get the serial number to order parts and come back later i was steamed.

Now I am looking at two days of lost wages not one.

Did i mention this tv was a month old?

It should have just been replaced.

Well he didnt call back so i called Trans Globe Service again 2 days later where i was greeted politely but as unhelpfully as the first time.

She said that she would speak to the tech department and call me back that day.

She didnt.

I went into The Brick in Richmond BC again where i had bought the TV and demanded service.

The lady Pam in customer service showed me the work order at Trans Globe Service on her monitor and suprise suprise there was no information of any kind or notes on the order just simply the day i called.

I spoke with a Megan John in customer service management Trans Globe Service and after explaining this all over again for the 4th time I finally got a confirmation e-mail from Megan that the work order would be taken care of tonight.

I asked Pam at The Brick to have the manager call me to discuss some kind of remuneration as a customer for my loss of time and now two days wages as a result of their repair contractors.

AKA responsability on behalf.

I have received no such phone call as of this time.

It is my opinion that some form of responsibility should be taken to satisfy all customers that are a victim of third party companys actions.

Afterall The Brick hired them to protect the best interest of their customers.

Or did they.

I will not look to The Brick for any further electronics purchases of any kind.

As a matter of fact I will not be buying anything further and will destroy their credit card immediatly after payment is complete.

Good luck to all of you who have to deal with Trans Globe Service as a result of trusting The Brick to satisfy and protect their customers.

They Dont Care.

J. Dunlop

Richmond BC


I will forward this e-mail to the vp of the western division of The Brick.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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